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How To Use This Site

Use this site to merge Life Fitness graphics, your brand and your message with fixtures and/or wall applications to reinforce your brand position and strengthen your brand promise.

This site is a one stop shop for products, services, and graphics.

Taylor Visual Group can help you make an emotional connection that builds your brand and establishes trusting relationships while enhancing your environment and providing visual cues that help drive buying decisions.

How To Use This Site

About Taylor Visual Group

What is a Wall Application

A wall application is a large graphic mural that's normally applied to smooth walls but can be applied to many surfaces like windows, floors, or textured surfaces like masonary. 

These products are made with durable vinyls specifically produced to create large tiled graphic murals. Once installed by our professional teams they look seamless.

See the attachment for examples and information on how you can choose supplied custom photography shot exclusivly by Life Fitness and apply them to your location.

TVG Wall Window and Floor Graphics


Window Applications

A window application is similar to a wall mural except you have options for applying the graphic to the inside or outside of the window.  Options include window perforation, block-out vinyls, and transparent options. 

They are printed with UV inks to last in the sun and are produced to create large tiled graphic images.  Once installed by our professional teams they look seamless.  

See the attachment for examples and information on how you can choose supplied custom photography shot exclusively by Life Fitness and apply them to your location. 

Please call us to discuss options for your windows.  Chad 312.953.4136




Sears Columns

Sears was introduced to Taylor Visual Group in 2011. They we're having difficulties applying graphics to columns with-in there fitness locations.  The columns had various obstacles; conduit, old paint, LCD Screens, as well as width, height, & shape variances at each location.   

Taylor Visual Group supported Sears with graphic selection, retouching, production, and installation providing Sears a one stop re-source for its store décor needs.  

TVG installed over 30 locations in North America and Alaska in 2012.  2013 is more of the same including US Territories.   


Trail Appliance

Taylor Visual Group was tasked with providing fixtures and graphics that would enable Trail Appliance to communicate it's brand message in a pre-selected area at a new build Trail Appliance Center in Vancouver Canada. 

TVG proposed and produced a durable curved composite wall with base plates, wood laminate back, and graphic front.  Also proposed was a Graphic Application that created a seamless wall that could be viewed at distance with in it's environement. 

Taylor Visual manufactured the fixture, printed graphics, and installed in Vancouver in 3 weeks from concept. 

Recent Installations

Check out previous installations to get an idea of how graphics can work at your locations.